Healing Hearts Connection is our new name. Our organization, previously known as Children's Grief Connection, has the same focus and mission-bringing Hope and Healing to grieving families. We appreciate your patience as we go through this change.

Healing Hearts Connection has provided Hearts of Hope Family Grief Camps free of charge to families and individuals that are grieving since 2001.

Healing Hearts Connection serves families and individuals who are devastated by the death of a loved one. Adults and children who struggle with feelings of fear, regret, and disconnection. Their isolation is broken by joining other people who are experiencing similar heartache. Together in the safe and compassionate setting of Hearts of Hope Family Grief Camps, we make deep connections that provide support and understanding. Isolation is replaced with connection. 

Grief Companions

As a grief companion, you can help people who are grieving by spreading awareness of Healing Hearts Connection's programs and services. We welcome volunteers for our weekend camps, or as participants in our annual fundraising events, including our largest event, The Frunge.

Grieving Communities

When grief touches a school community, Healing Hearts Connection can help. In consultation with our network of grief experts, we can provide your grieving community with a specially designed program that you can run in any size school with minimal cost and preparation time.

"I felt helpless until I found your program. My daughter and her family were so sad, and didn't know where to turn."

- Grieving Grandmother

"Meeting them, and hearing their story, gave me hope"- Young Widow

"The people here, they just get it. You don't have to explain things to them"-16 year old