Packing List


All Ages:

Bedding: Sleeping Bag, or Blanket and Sheet, Pillow, Pajamas (typically twin sized, but there are some full sized bunks for adults at Spring Camp)

Packing Hint #1: Place sleeping bag and pillow together in a large garbage bag. It's easier to carry and less likely to get wet or dirty if dropped!

Clothing: Jeans, Sweatshirt or jacket, extra socks and tennis shoes, rain/snow gear

Grubby is good!! Comfy is good!!! Remember we'll be playing and doing messy crafts and activities both indoors and outdoors. Bring clothes for both and it could be wet or snowing outside, so bring extra stuff.

Packing Hint #2Campers will be returning with some camp mementos in their bags. Leave some room for these new belongings!

Miscellaneous: Flashlight (optional), Bath towel & Washcloth, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Soap, Shampoo,
Comb or Brush, Flip flops for the shower

Packing Hint #3: Please mark all clothing and equipment with your name for easy identification.

Photos: Campers : Bring 2-3 pictures of the person in your life who died
Parents/Guardians: Bring 1 picture of the person in your child's life who died


May Bring IPods and MP3s to share music

Do NOT bring:

NO candy or pop, NO pocket knives or weapons of any kind, NO electronic devices

Hearts of Hope office: (651) 395-8177 (until 9 a.m. on the Friday of camp)
An email will be sent prior to camp with directions, and phone numbers you will need.