5 Things you can do if you’re grieving the loss of your mother this Mother’s Day


Whatever your age, whether 8, 28, 48, or 88, losing a mother is one of the hardest things to go through, especially when Mother’s Day comes around. Here are five things that may help:

  1. Remember your mother on Mother’s Day. Remember you are grieving the loss of your mother on this day. Even if you are happy to be a mother and celebrate with your children, even if you have spent many years missing your mom on Mother’s Day, this is now, and you miss her still.
  2.  Celebrate your mother on Mother’s Day. Just because your mother is not physically with you this Mother’s Day, you can still celebrate her and the special person she was in your life. Set her photograph out somewhere, light a candle for her, buy flowers in her honor, tell a story about your mom.
  3. Reflect on mom this Mother’s Day. Spend a little time this Mother’s Day reflecting on how things would be if your mother were still with you, or what your mother would say about how you are doing now, if you’re facing a challenge, reflect ‘what would mom do?’
  4. Support someone who is grieving the loss of their mother this Mother’s Day. Think of all the people you know who might be grieving the loss of their mother this year, reach out to them and offer your support, a listening ear or a hug.We all need to know there are still people out there who love and support us.
  5. Take Care. On Mother’s Day, be sure to take care of yourself. To honor your mother, treat yourself gently, with kindness and love this Mother’s Day ….just like your mom would do.




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