More support for our campers

We at Children’s Grief Connection are of the belief that all kids attending Hearts Of Hope Family Grief Camp are in need of support. However, after noticing a need for additional emotional, behavioral, and physical support at camp, we have created a new Hearts of Hope Family Grief Camp Leadership position and volunteer role titled Empower Rangers (ERs). 

The goal of this role is to support HOHFGC Camping and Teen counselor volunteers both in sharing circles and “on call” in cases of children with atypical presentation needing extra emotional, behavioral and physical support. We are looking for volunteers with specific experience working with children with emotional, behavioral and physical challenges. Molly Cook has been asked to serve on the Camp Leadership team as the director of this new program.

Job Qualifications:

  • Empower Ranger volunteers will have additional education and/or experience working with children experiencing emotional or behavioral distress and dysregulation.
  • ER volunteers will have a background in implementing verbal crisis de-escalation techniques, coping mechanisms, and one-to-one support with children who have experienced trauma (such as grief).

Job Description:

  • Empower Rangers will work with all campers that need a little extra support processing their grief.
  • Volunteers with the Empower Rangers team will provide all of the same job duties as our regular volunteers in the camper (school age) and teen programs. They will assist in facilitating sharing circles, free time, and activities with all of the campers in their group. 
  • If there are not enough ER volunteers for every group, they will be available to be dispatched when/where needed to help any campers.
  • ER volunteers will not be distinguished differently than other volunteers to the campers.
  • ER volunteers will be subject to all requirements of HOHFCG volunteers (Background checks, training, time requirements, policies and procedures) as well as an additional online training specific to their role.

We understand that some children will have needs beyond what we can address at camp. The ERs are not intended to provide formal therapy or technical behavior intervention and instead are here to enhance the camp experience for all. In the event of a concern, we will always partner with families to ensure their child is safe and having a positive experience.

If you are interested in applying for this volunteer role at our next camp, please click this link.

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